2009 Artrat. performIC Innsbruck, AU046PerformIC0609

Post-Modern Culture of an Art Rat

The value of life and art has been digested inside fat rotten looking popped out bellies, which smeared with, rather covered on gigantic drops of melted animal fat and refined wine, prepare to bring out violent spits of excrement against the walls in a five stars restaurant.

The best example of decadence style revolves right here while looking at the bottom of the empty jar singing a song to the Tralalala:

“Tell me what you see, Tell me how it looks,

When the thing had been refill countless times and dues,

Providing and satisfying thy needs,

How holly it is! How rich it could be!

Tell me too if you ever thought about the basin you piss in,

Cause it’s the same jar you have always been drinking from“

Who creates and sustain the colour of madness bright, for the eye is always sacrificed in order to keep the glow.

Therefore throw everyone inside the mixer and turn it on. Get them all refreshed drinking blood and shit staring at the golden stick incrusted with gems.

The crows will fly around thy head, raving mad for a piece of bread, searching for value and beauty every where, looking even behind the painting hanging there, they (find nothing but disconcert by listening to what the others have said; lets rather show how beautiful humans can adjust to culture Zero.

Stars are as far away as the teddy bear dreams of the candy kid.

Jumping in circles out of doors, the wind starts to blow. Now time to ask (what is about) that question for the ear of the one who knows

The wind will bring it far, blowing intensively non-stop to reach the top of the world, where all is static cold, blue and white, where there is no human life, where the winds makes no more sound.

The questions are to be revealed out loud. What the chocolate purple kid’s dreaming about?

Green man, his pants have got a little wet, he rubs down his balls with a serpentine touch, sticky and itchy in between them both, keeps the walk, Hoi! says tha yodeller, I am going back up.

Sara Glaxia


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