or The American Dream, Fractional Systems. Garage Project II Schindler House, MAK – L.A. California 2010



BEAT THE MEAT or The American Dream

So performance is the motion, any action inflicted by our body, any move.Use it to teach the spectator to break free from the archaic dogmas of the modern life, from repressive governments, rulers and cruel mothers to dissolve the ideologies that shackle one’s own creativity and freedom of expression.

I present a confuse angle from the bottom of the baby boom,

how the global lies manipulate the masses as we know them,

referring to America.


Like Alice through the looking glass, I enter your pupil,

to exteriorize back you might need to use a shovel.

Our souls are naked,

today might be the last day of your life, or my life…


 Sara-glaxia-photo-Marlies-Wirth-05 Sara-Glaxia-photo-Katy-Rodriguez

Ray Pettibon intervention (teaching me how to use the baseball bat properly) 

sara and ray

Sara-Glaxia-Photo-Erlea-Maneros Sara-Glaxia-Peter-Noever-photo-Erlea-Maneros

Special thanks to Erlea Maneros Zabala for the photographs.



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