Two Videos by Sara Glaxia and Matthew Wilkinson in East London on 2010.

With the collaboration of Sigi Aigner, Dave & John Lycett Green, Dave Ashbey, Honor Fitzgerald, Daphne Hall, Gypsy, Cosmo Barker, Schuyler Maehl, Claud Muzker, Matt Allehin and Laura Frazer.

Rat Legal” is a parody of urban entertainment, with the defiance of the population and will to party illegally and perpetually.

A different set of rules and values ensues. The taste for a reversed aesthetic; perhaps vulgar interpretation that is the value of this lifestyle but to others seems wreckless, uncaring and proof of the downfall of our society. The new generation of degenerated civilisation that breeds pseudo killers on the rampage.

Humankind becomes dead meat.

A quintessentially English root, raving and drug taking;

being out of control whilst maintaining being an anonymous face in an irrelevant world.

The paradigm among ravers in basic terms is the defiance of law, the punkish two fingers.

Fuck The Police; Using overlays in the style of old dance videos. 

The background comes from still moving images shot in Thames mead, an area in southeast London that practically is the epitome of the modern utopian post wart urban planning. It is no coincidence that ‘A Clockwork Orange’ was shot in the same estate, a huge sprawling urban experiment.

Pig’s heads, sausage links, chain links parody of jewellery, faceless ravers dancing. Crazy kids are playing football with a pig’s head. Fighting for bones.

Modern urban dogs eating girls running, lifeless, standing, abused.

Absurd images overlay the urban utopia; running, dancing and the modern form of making marry. The fresh meat, dance pig drop head butcher shop shot.

The video culminates in an illegal dance happening in an underpass of the London metro rails.

by Matthew Wilkinson


Bunny & the Blonds interpretive timeless industrial era, an interrupted time-space line,

a tune of flickering insanity to the ears of the wise trotter

highlighting the spirit of English working class, always ready to DANCE


bunny disintegrating class levels cause God had told her to

hOoPs BaLoOpA

God greatest teaser!

we got idiots everywhere even so,

-humans- need of ghosts to have fun!!


got something in my ears

its not getting lost cause the fun had arrived to your door

knock knock,

who’s there?

donkey on its knees,

and the sculpture of a woman missing an arm

lilliput MINI tiny little world, inside my nail…

rejoin and end enjoy your brain cells

hoopy hoops

hurry! by Sara Glaxia 2010

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