sara glaxia

  •     Sara Glaxia (b. 1982, Mexico) lived and works in Salzburg, Vienna, Berlin and Los Angeles. in 1998 started private art lessons with artist Yoshua Okón in Mexico City also working as his private assistant and art director assistant for gallery “La Panaderia”  till year 2000. Assisted Carlos Amorales and Joan Jonas for the…

  • Metamorphosis

    In the dramaturgically interactive accompaniment of the song Metamorphosis by Christopher Chaplin and the text Finley Quaye’s, Sara Glaxia shows the dissolution of ink in water as poetic processes of image construction and inner (dream) or outer (thinning) movements within associative audio-visual fields. The rhythmic penetration of the ink and its distribution in the water…

  • “The Dead Recieved​ Two Cents”

    “The Dead Recieved​ Two Cents”

    Stencil made in collaboration of Sara Glaxia and Raymond Pettibon ©Item Editions

  • Drawings

    butter and bread



    Two Videos by Sara Glaxia and Matthew Wilkinson in East London on 2010. With the collaboration of Sigi Aigner, Dave & John Lycett Green, Dave Ashbey, Honor Fitzgerald, Daphne Hall, Gypsy, Cosmo Barker, Schuyler Maehl, Claud Muzker, Matt Allehin and Laura Frazer. “Rat Legal” is a parody of urban entertainment, with the defiance of the…

  • BOOK


    SERPENTIN ILLUSIONS Sara Glaxia Sara Glaxia – Serpentine Illusions This book is the second collaboration between Sara Glaxia and Juli Susin after the installation “Hotel Ibis Expansion” created and set up in October 2004 in the hotel room of Raymond Pettibon in Montreuil-sous-Bois. The entire space of the room was completely filled with paper balls,…



    The Thriving Thorns And The Crying Crows Meltdown is a female grounded electronic-music/performance Band founded in Vienna in 2017 by Sara Glaxia. Active members: Rachel Albrich and Sara Glaxia. TTATCCM consists in addition with other artists and guest musicians technically influenced by the sound of the dubiously inspiring band.  The TTATCCM’s have nothing to reconcile…

  • “Death Dance”

    “Death Dance”

    or Entartete Kunst, Performance Cultural Center Zamek, Imperial Castle in Poznan, Poland  22.09.2015 Performance on the name fo all women victims of patriarchal rules, so the rules imposed my monotheistic religions and the consequences that had affected society, turning this world into a sexist nightmare…  Making an emphasis on the poor treatment that women in…

  • Princess Alien

    Princess Alien

    Photo shooting by Sarabeth Stroller at Charles Wessler’s garden at NY State  2014 Photographs had been shown at the exhibition “Double Absence” in Galeria Fotografii pf, Cultural Center Zamek, Imperial Castle in Poland on the 22.09.2015.